Facebook is shutting down its text-primarily based virtual assistant referred to as ‘M’ that helped researchers educate an synthetic Intelligence (AI) system.

Consistent with a document inside the Verge, ‘M’ which changed into available thru a bot on Facebook Messenger and it became available to best approximately 2,000 people.

‘M’ became first introduced in August 2015. The final day of the virtual assistant can be 19 January.

“We released this project to examine what humans wanted and anticipated of an assistant, and we found out plenty,” Facebook informed The Verge.

“We’re taking those useful insights to energy different AI initiatives at Facebook. We continue to be very thrilled with the overall performance of ‘M’ pointers in Messenger, powered by way of our leanings from this experiment.”

Facebook had described ‘M’ as a “beta” and suggested the human-powered assistant might be to be had for greater users.

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