Web development refers to the building, creating, and maintaining the websites. It includes also web design, web publishing, web programming and database management services. WordPress is a great place to developing a website. It uses a number of different programming languages. Such as HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP. For making dynamic pattern of your website PHP is highly essential. And HTML is used to give your website structure and is employed by all websites. CSS helps style your HTML structure. CSS makes your background white, your text dark-grey and positions the sidebar on the right. Javascript adds advanced features like sliders and other interactive features.

Web development includes many types of web contents. Such as coding web pages in a text editor, building a website in a program like Notepad++, Dreamweaver and updating the website. Now a days, content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla have also become popular for web development. These web tools make your website easy to access, create and edit anytime and anywhere.